Maui History and information

Maui Hawaii, A quick History, legends and a few facts

Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian group. 48 miles long, 26 miles wide, with an area of 728 square miles

  • Population estimates in:
  • 1970 was 38,691.
  • 2005 : 139,884
  • 2010 : 154,834
  • 2014 ; 163,019

Maui county includes Maui, La-nai, Ka-hoolawe, and Molokai islands

Hawaiian Myths and Stories

The following are some of the most famous and colorful mythical characters, historical figures and animals.

king Kamehameha

Maui (MOW-wee) This demigod is the brother of Madame Pele. Maui is said to have lassoed the sun in order to slow it down and make the days longer on the island of Maui. For this reason, his home in the crater of Haleakala is called the House of the Sun.

Madame Pele (PEH-le) This powerful volcano goddess is said to make her home in the Halemaumau firepit of Kilauea Volcano. Remove a souvenir rock from her home and legend has it you will be plagued by bad luck.

King Kamehameha the Great (ka-MEH-ha-MEH-ha) This brave warrior king united the Hawaiian Islands under one rule in 1795. The Kamehameha dynasty lasted until 1872, through the reign of Kamehameha V.

Queen Liliuokalani (li-LEE-u-OH-ka-LAH-ni) She was Hawaii's only reigning queen and the islands' last monarch, ruling until 1893. This multi-talented woman wrote Aloha Oe, Hawaii's beloved farewell song.

Menehune (MEH-ne-HOO-ne) These impish mythical figures are the Hawaiian cousins of Ireland's leprechauns. They are said to do good deeds during the night, such as digging fishponds. The legend of the menehune was most likely inspired by an ancient tribe that died out long ago.

nene Nene (NEH-ne) This large goose is Hawaii's state bird. The endangered nene geese make their homes in volcanic regions. Biologists believe the birds originally were attracted to the volcanoes' lava pits, which resembled the lakes and ponds geese favor.

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (HOO-mu-HOO-mu-NOO-ku- NOO-ku-AH-pu-WAH-a) Made famous in the song Little Grass Shack, this tiny fish with the big name is Hawaii's official state fish.



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